Vegetarian Eating in Amsterdam

Contrary to many of your guys beliefs, there’s  a lot more to Amsterdam than weed bars and the red light district .

The red light district and coffee shops might be considered the things to do and see in Amsterdam, yet the locals know this is far from the truth. There is much more indeed to eating vegan food in Amsterdam. There are many great cafes out here, but which ones specialize in vegetarian food? Feeling welcome/at home/cozy is the motto essence of the Dutch Culture, “we wan’t everyone who visits to feel as if they are at home.” said, Martha Cuberu of Amsterdam. If you get the munchies out here and are craving a light refreshing bite of some vegan or vegetarian food, rest assured, you have come to the right blog.

Wan’t to really have a great experience in Amsterdam? Follow some of these pointers for some great vegetarian dining.

1. Eat all the local vegan/vegetarian foods you can.

Right outside of the Van Gogh Museum there will usually be a street cart selling the best vegetarian Chinese food one can find in Amsterdam.

You will learn all about his life, from his childhood eating vegan potatoes all the way to a month before he took his life. Van Gogh played a huge role in vegetarian lifestyles in Amsterdam as well as that whole thing you might know as “Art.”

2. Take a day trip to the Gold Leaf about 2 minutes outside of the Red Light District!

Haarlem has about 4 vegetarian restaurants within Amsterdam. I urge you to try their mint/cucumber mojito which of course is a vegan cocktail. It is so refreshing and crisp that I recommend two.

If looking to have a quick bite before entering a museum, have a spicy vegetarian gyro.

There are tons of great cafe’s that serve wonderful food at affordable prices. Please stop by one of these before taking a train back to your original destination. Check back later for more updates of my vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam guide. I will constantly be adding more entries if you guys like.

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Vegetarian Food and Restaurants In Amsterdam

Are you looking for Vegetarian/Vegan food while living or traveling in Amsterdam? I know all the great local restaurants and eateries that will serve to your every vegan and vegetarian need. I also know where to find all the best deals on the natural organic greens. :) I’ll post more when I finish uploading my pictures of the places.

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